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Over the years we have focused on the following areas:

Accounting for Businesses/Individuals

Our clients have included and currently include industrial supply houses, investment partnerships, real estate firms, not-for-profit institutions, medical, dental and legal practices, business consulting firms, public relations firms, art dealers, diamond merchants, textile and apparel firms, cosmetic firms, etc. Our services to clients are rendered in accordance with their requirements.

These include:

● Preparation of Federal, State (including multi-state) and local tax returns for corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, trusts and estates and individuals.

● Tax projections/tax planning.


Tax Planning and Administration for Inpatriates and Expatriates

Our clients in this area require advice and planning to structure their home country and workplace arrangements so as to optimize their after-tax compensation. We also prepare tax projections, gross-up calculations, and annual federal, state and local tax returns for these transplanted executives. Clients for whom we have rendered such services include foreign banks.


Business Tax Planning / Projections

Substantially, all of our clients rely on us for continuous advice in this area.


Tax Controversies

We offer aggressive taxpayer representation in all federal, state and local tax disputes.